Especially for the PIVO FEST SUMMER 2015 edition, Info Sega team decided to prepare some special articles about Prilep and its facilities in order to offer a maximum of comfort and fun for the festival-goers.


Today we focus on a very useful attraction from Prilep in the summer: the swimming pools.

Prilep municipality has three main swimming pools and each one of them can satisfy you.



The biggest one is without doubts the City Swimming Pool Markovi Kuli:


This place has some benefits, you can find a nice snack-bar with many tables to eat and drink. There is also a lot of deckchairs to enjoy the sun around the swimming-pool. But the best things are the small and cozy tents where you are totally protected from the sun, it’s the only swimming pool in Prilep where you can find this kind of equipment.

All day long, a DJ is playing electro music, and sometimes, concerts are organised in the evening.The atmosphere in “Bazem Markovi Kuli” is ideal for teenagers and young people.

The swimming pool is located next to the “Dion Hotel”. 

Adress: City Swimming Pool Markovi Kuli, Joska Jordanoski, 7500 Prilep, Macedonia.





If you want to chill out at the swimming pool in Prilep and you are also looking for a quieter and less crowded place than “Markovi Kuli”, you have two other alternatives.The first one is to go the swimming pool “Mak am”, it’s a smaller swimming pool and the atmosphere is less festive but if you really want to swim, it’s definitely better to go there. You could find also many deckchairs and a bar for your comfort.


The swimming pool is located near to the “Sonce hotel” next to the city centre.



You could also go to the swimming pool “Amfora Tera Kota”. This place is not located in the city centre, but in the industrial zone of Prilep but still easy to access. There is a friendly and family ambiance, especially during the weekend. The swimming pool is a part of the hotel-restaurant “Tera Kota”.

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