EVS News (98)

Creative workshop "Let's learn about Turkey!"

On Monday, 19th of June 2017, I organized a Turkey presentation activity with around 25 children.

The Festival of Cannes

Founded in 1946, this French Festival is taking place each year in Cannes (South of France) during 12 days. Over the years, it is becoming the most broadcasted film festival in the world, especially during the climbing of stairs : the red carpet and their 24 « glory stairs ».                                                                                                                        The Festival is also very critisized et was plunged into many scandals that releived french or international magazines and newspapers.

73th Birthday of D-Day in Normandy


Normandy commemorated in June 2017, the 73th bitrhday of D-Day into the cities of Carentan, Utah Beach, Sainte Mère Eglise, Picauville,…


Each year, ceremonies, reconstuting of americains military camps, historical walks, historical parachuting, exposition and parades of military cars which give rhythm to these commemorations in a spirit of liberty.

French Cinema Nights in Prilep


During the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June, the Cinema Mis Ston of Prilep welcomed un french event, especially for the francophonia promotion and the franco-macedonia cinematographic exchange. In fact, Baptiste and me who are french volonteers, had the wish to organise a French Cinema Festival by projecting three famous movies : « Jappeloup », « Tchao Pantin » and « Respire ». All of them were applaud in France and abroad by critics, having received prices and awards in Festival of Cannes and the prestigious Cesars Ceremony.

French Cinema Festival

The French volonteers, in partnership with the Association Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, organise a French Cinema Festival which will take place on 2, 3 and 4 of June at Prilep’s Cinema. Every nights at 8 p.m, we will waiting you for the film projection of one of the movies we carefully chose.

A productive Summer! Summer camp for entrepreneurs coming soon

There is no place in the world where someone can teach to you how to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a kind of art. Is the art of “pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” Is a vision on the future. It is the ability to have new, innovative and bold ideas. It is the skill to face failures, also when  you are the only one on the land who believe in something. Well, nobody can teach you how to be like this. You have to decide to be like this.

Mogila Cultural Football Tournament

The Saturday 06th of may 2017, Mogila stadium located into the city of Prilep have seen on its soccer field a Cultural Football Tournament during all the day. In fact, the volonteers from the Coalition of youth organizarions SEGA framed together, under the aegis of Baptist Arnaud, young french volonteer who has this idea to implement this cultural and athletic event.

Short trip to Stara Zagora

It’s after some hours away, that Baptiste and me were arrived in Bulgaria. We stayed in the city of Stara Zagora during our weekend.