The French volonteers, in partnership with the Association Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, organise a French Cinema Festival which will take place on 2, 3 and 4 of June at Prilep’s Cinema. Every nights at 8 p.m, we will waiting you for the film projection of one of the movies we carefully chose.


The Friday 2nd of June will be project the movie entilted « Jappeloup ». The story is about a drama biopic (2012) directed by Christian Duguay. This film is based on a true story of a particular horse who will know a fabulous destiny trough incredible athletics and humans events. At the beginning of 80’s, leaving a promising lawyer’s career. Pierre Durand is dedicate himself to his passion, the show jumping. Supported by his father, he bets everything on a young horse which one nobody really believe in : Jappeloup. Too much little, too disturbed, too unpredictable, it has some many defects but remarkables abilities. Tournament after tournament, the duo is progressing and imposing themselves into the horse riding world. However, the Olympincs Games of Los Angeles are a dreadfull failure and Pierre is making fully aware of his weaknesses. With the help of Nadia, his wife and Raphaëlle, the horse’s groom ; Pierre will get back Jappeloup’s faith and build a strong relationship which lead them to the Olympics Games of Seoul in 1988…

The Saturday 3rd of June will be projected the movie entilted « Tchao Pantin ». The story is about a drama polar (1983) very famous in the french cinema history, awarded by many prices notably including the César for the Best Actor to the inescapable comic figure : Coluche. The story begins into a gas station, in a poor district of Paris. Lambert works at night and forgot the banality of his existence by drowning into the alcool. He doesn’t hope anything more in his life. Until the day where a young man named Bensoussan arrives at the station to refuel his motorcycle, he starts a conversation with Lambert and comes back many nights again. Bensoussan is a marginal, who scrape along selling small drug doses. The two men are making friends. Unfortunately, one night, their life gonna toggle…

The Sunday 4th of June will be projected the movie entilted « Respire ». It is a psychologic drama (2014) directed by the intriguing Mélanie Laurent. It’s about a destructive friendship story between two teenagers. Charlie, a young seventeen years old girl. The age of friends, emotions, convictions and passions. One day, at the High School, the Director introduce a new student nammed Sarah and place her next to Charlie. Une strong friendship born between these two teenagers. Soon, Charlie cultivate a sort of worship for Sarah. However, Sarah doesn’t hesitate to make some manipulations… 


We are waiting you for this event !!!!



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