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Creative workshop "Magical Binoculars"

Magical Binoculars


Today, we made a workshop that can improve children’s imagination and motivation about their future.

Creative workshop "Let's learn about Turkey!"

On Monday, 19th of June 2017, I organized a Turkey presentation activity with around 25 children.

French Cinema Nights in Prilep


During the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June, the Cinema Mis Ston of Prilep welcomed un french event, especially for the francophonia promotion and the franco-macedonia cinematographic exchange. In fact, Baptiste and me who are french volonteers, had the wish to organise a French Cinema Festival by projecting three famous movies : « Jappeloup », « Tchao Pantin » and « Respire ». All of them were applaud in France and abroad by critics, having received prices and awards in Festival of Cannes and the prestigious Cesars Ceremony.

French Cinema Festival

The French volonteers, in partnership with the Association Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, organise a French Cinema Festival which will take place on 2, 3 and 4 of June at Prilep’s Cinema. Every nights at 8 p.m, we will waiting you for the film projection of one of the movies we carefully chose.

A productive Summer! Summer camp for entrepreneurs coming soon

There is no place in the world where someone can teach to you how to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a kind of art. Is the art of “pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” Is a vision on the future. It is the ability to have new, innovative and bold ideas. It is the skill to face failures, also when  you are the only one on the land who believe in something. Well, nobody can teach you how to be like this. You have to decide to be like this.

French Grammar Lesson


I started my first activity in Prilep in the primary school Kliment Ohridski with joy and excitement. It was about giving a french grammar lesson to Macedonian students. Knowing that grammar it’s not very fun to learn, I thought of a way to return this lesson more playful while being rewarding. Accompanied by their french teacher Kristina, I became acquainted with fifteen young people. Everyone had presented to me. Their level in french language impressed me. I appreciated their enthusiasm and also their desire to improve. It’s in a good working and sharing atmosphere that we could exchange and learn each of us.

The first shop where no money are needed in Italy

In Italy the first shop where no money are needed it’s called Space Tuttogratis and was born in Milan, in the through-tunnel Porta Vittoria.