Nеw Italian volunteers in Prilep

After two months of staying in Macedonia we are ready to write our first impressions of this interesting land. To introduce ourselves: we are Davide, Mattia and Laura, three Italian volunteers coming in Macedonia for doing the EVS project in Prilep. We will be volunteering at INFOSEGA for one year and working on a project about developing entrepreneurship skills of young people in high schools.

Language Caffee

Language coffee е интересен интеркултурен настан кој ни овозможува размена со разлучни луѓе од разни култури кои што се заинтересирани да научат за странски култури и јазици.

Learn what Italian hand gestures mean

It has become kind of a joke that Italians speak with their hands, that when Italians speak there are hands motions going all over the place, but there’s always a reason behind it. The gestures aren’t random motions at all; they all have their own significance and context for use. Silvia Marchetti has compiled a small compiled a nice collection of gestures and their respective significance for CNN.