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Learn a language with EF

Здраво everyone!

Have you already thought about learning a foreign language? If yes, maybe you already thought about doing a language course. Then you have to know about Education First.

Trucs à savoir sur la Macédoine, vus par un volontaire français - Partie 2: L’alphabet

Le macédonien a son propre alphabet, qui est un alphabet cyrillique. L’alphabet est plutôt simple, c’est un alphabet phonétique (je pense que vous vous en doutiez) comportant 31 lettres, voici à quoi il ressemble:

Things to know about Macedonian language from a French volunteer point of view - Part 2: The Alphabet

Macedonian language has its own alphabet which is a Cyrillic alphabet. The alphabet is pretty simple, it is a phonetic alphabet (thanks, captain obvious), including 31 letters, and it looks like this:

Учете француски јазик со француски волонтери во Прилеп


Француските волонтери од Младинскиот Информативен и Советодавен Центар ИНФО СЕГА Ве покануваат да се придружите на нивната Фејсбук страница: French Lessons Info Sega ( )

Language Caffee

Language coffee е интересен интеркултурен настан кој ни овозможува размена со разлучни луѓе од разни култури кои што се заинтересирани да научат за странски култури и јазици.

Tips to improve your English with series

TV shows… a great way to waste your life? Maybe, but also the most effective way to learn English (at least for me)!

I spent so many time watching episodes of TV shows, and I soon realised that this was a gold mine when it comes to English, and when I understood the potential of TV shows I decided to select carefully the series I would follow.