The National Geographic storyteller, Fitz Cahall said that following your passions in life can lead to great personal rewards: “There wasn’t really a job description for what I wanted to do with my life. I knew there is magic in life on the road. I love wandering, I love being outside with people that inspire me, in places that inspire me. There’s a lot of ways to take risks in your life and that’s the magic of it!”




So go outside, dream big, and make your dreams a reality.

Start by being curios about what’s in the next block, down the next road, or over the next hill. Curiosity pulls adventurers toward adventure like a magnet. Discovery is one of the great joys of being an adventurer. Nobody said you have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. Those who have adventure in their blood find it everywhere.


Whether you are an adventurer or a person chasing your dreams, there are innumerable ways to push your own boundaries and create meaning in life. Just go for it. 

Anda I.





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