Discovering Prilep (17)

Со Марко на улица - Street Art Festival in Prilep

In the previous days, the three-day street art festival called ‘With Marko on the Street’ was held in front of the cultural center ‘Marko Cepenkov’ in Prilep.

First impressions of a young Frenchman on EVS in Prilep

I recently arrived in Macedonia for an EVS in the city of Prilep.

My first experiences of EVS in Prilep

I have always dreamt of being in abroad since my childhood. I love travelling. Seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about new cultures always make me excited. I think the idea of being able to experience brand-new life feels fantastic to me, even if it will take at least a couple of days.

Experiencing a carnival in Prilep

Здраво everybody!

On Sunday, 18th of February, it was the orthodox forgiveness day Prochka “Прочка” in Prilep.

How the Last Train to EVS Got me to Prilep

Hello, my name is Velin. I'm 30-year-old from Bulgaria.

My first impressions about Prilep

Ciao! I'm Roberto Cascio, I'm 28 years old and I will be involved in an EVS program in Prilep for the next three months.

Macedonia, chapter of my life

I do not know for sure if Macedonia has chosen me or I have chosen it, but I think that we both needed this challenge, this exchange of experience and “a way out” of the comfort zone. Although my experience started in the middle of the summer, it was living inside of me since the winter. Prilep is my host town and, in a way, it tries to gain my sympathy, I have to admit it's succeeding although the beginning was not promising.