To live in a country is not just to spend time there. Best way to know a country is to meet with people, to make researches about culture and history and even to learn language of that country.


Therefore, I was in Skopje in last week. And I had an opportunity to visit the Museum of Macedonian Struggle. I can say that it was better than my expectation. When I left the museum, I learned new things about Macedonian Political History and I got a different perspective of history.

Museum of The Macedonian Struggle is located between the Museum of Archaeology, the Holocaust Museum of Macedonia, the Stone Bridge and the Vardar River. The museum which consisting of 16 separate sections, covers the period from the beginning of the resistance movement against the Ottoman rule, until the declaration of independence from Yugoslavia on 8 September 1991. You can see all process of the Macedonian struggle with a guide.

It was very interesting experience for me to visit. Because I have found the parts from our common history. To see the historical facts that I learned before I came here, from a different perspective, was a great chance to me. I saw the past of Macedonian People on their own eyes. This situation helped me to understand the feelings of people who I live with. I empathized with them.

I felt like I was making a trip to history in this museum, which was prepared in a fairly elegant and beautiful style. This exciting journey encouraged me to do more research. Let's see what happens on my next step.

PS: You can visit the museum in discount with your European Youth Card.


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