EVS News (106)

Call for one Romanian EVS volunteer in Macedonia

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is implementing Group EVS project entitled “Youth creativity club”, it is a long term volunteering project for a period of 8 months in Kavadarci, Macedonia, starting from November 2017.

We are looking for one volunteer from Romania to be involved in the project starting from November 2017 until 30th of June 2018.

My first impressions about Prilep

Ciao! I'm Roberto Cascio, I'm 28 years old and I will be involved in an EVS program in Prilep for the next three months.

Macedonia, chapter of my life

I do not know for sure if Macedonia has chosen me or I have chosen it, but I think that we both needed this challenge, this exchange of experience and “a way out” of the comfort zone. Although my experience started in the middle of the summer, it was living inside of me since the winter. Prilep is my host town and, in a way, it tries to gain my sympathy, I have to admit it's succeeding although the beginning was not promising.


My beginnings as a volunteer in Prilep

I didn't think that the volunteer experience could bring me things I did not expect.

The Museum of Macedonian Struggle

To live in a country is not just to spend time there. Best way to know a country is to meet with people, to make researches about culture and history and even to learn language of that country.

Nonstop music under the rain: D FEST!

Last week (14-16 July), there was a music festival in Dojran where is the southeastern of Macedonia. Dozens of musicians and bands take the stage during the 3-day festival.

We are smiling for 3700 years.

Oldest smile of the world discovered in Karkamış / TURKEY

Creative workshop "Magical Binoculars"

Magical Binoculars


Today, we made a workshop that can improve children’s imagination and motivation about their future.