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¡hasta siempre, Мacedonia!

“It is always sunny in Macedonia”. That´s what I heard last year. I was living in Melilla, Africa, but suddenly I felt cold. I made the single most important decision in my life. I left my job, which I love as a journalist, in a newspaper, and I began to travel looking for the sun. I found it in the Balkans.

Andalusia, southern Spain: Game of thrones location

Are you interested in finding out more about the Game Of Thrones  filming locations? Know more also about Andalusia, south of Spain: Seville, Osuna and Cordoba.

Make questions in Spanish, but don´t enquire too much. Curiosity killed the cat

Some people think that journalists ask many questions. Also, in Spain, we think the same about doctors: “Preguntas más que un medico” is a common expression in my country. Today, in Spanish lessons students learnt how they can make questions. In order to achieve that, we used Spanish newspaper.

Some food you should try in macedonia

The Macedonian recipes are very diverse. This fact is the consequence of the great number of ingredients that are found in this country.



Are you hungry? Do you want some “churros”? Go to Spain or try to cook it!

Have you ever heard the word “churros”? Churros are popular in Spain. It is a typical product and it is made with flour, salt, water, olive oil, baking powder, sugar and sunflower oil for frying. You can try to cook it, but it is not easy. To make churros you need a “churro pump”. For that reason, going to Spain is the best way to eat “churros”. Where? Chocolatería San Ginés is one of the most popular places. It is open day and night. It is located in Madrid, the capital of Spain, since 1894.

You will never walk alone in Macedonia

Every time you go to Marko´s Towers, you find a friend. It was winter when I decided to know what there is on top of Prilep. It was snowing during the previous days. Everything was covered by snow and the landscape was so beautiful, but also it was dangerous to walk on the icy path. Luckily, a man helped me to climb the mountain.

Beaches of the French west coast

In France we have 27 regions. Brittany situated in the West Coast of the country, is one of them. The region is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Channel. That’s why there are many beaches. Surf, sailing… are major sporting activities.





The two 17 year old girls are studying at the Economic School. They have learned English and German as foreign languages. Ivona wants to have an experience in America, while Ivana prefers to live in Italy or France. They both have been living in Prilep all their lives. When I asked them what was their favorite place they answered Mogila. I can notice that this park is very famous here. Almost everyone we interviewed reported it.


The night life is important here. The main place, Reklami is full of pubs or clubs. The girls like Tabou, Candy, Calypso…

They recommended us to visit Ohrid, their favorite city. They do not hesitate at all. Ohrid, is definitely the preferred place of Macedonians. Then, Ivana also mentioned Krusevo.

Both of them love the Macedonian dish: Skara which is grilled meat. It’s true, it’s delicious!

Good luck for your future Ivana and Ivona! I wish you all the best!


Bérénice Kermoal