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The secret of cognac

After a long period in France in my beautiful region called « les Charentes » I would like to present to Macedonian people the treasure of my home city, and one of the most famous is without doubts: Cognac.

Many countries produced a kind of brandy they called Cognac and we can find it also in Macedonia but why the French Cognac is so famous and its taste is so appreciated all over the word?

To understand the secret of the French Cognac, we have to know the origins of this beverage and its production process.

Game of thrones season 6: Filming to begin in Macedonia

The fantasy drama has already filmed in a range of locations from Croatia and Morocco to Northern Ireland and Iceland but now the action is going to be shifting to Macedonia.

There are plans to film in city of Prilep, the city of Ohrid by Lake Ohrid and the central-eastern region of Krivolak which houses the country's largest military base and has been used for NATO training exercises.

Ohrid has been described as large and has lots of old villages situated in a mountainous forested location. While Pilep and Ohrid are most picturesque areas, Kirvolak is more barren and mountainous. 

 It is believed that the producers have already paid a visit to these areas, according to the Macedonian site narodenglas.com

Similarities and differences between Macedonian and Spanish people

When I told my friends “I am going to live in Macedonia”, they threw up their arms and ask me where is Macedonia exactly? “It is not too far away”. I answered. “In fact, Macedonia is close to Greece”. They were reassured, even more when I told them some good things about my host country that they didn´t expect it. “Macedonian citizens are really nice”. This is one of the friendliest countries in the world. It is interesting to see foreigners here. But, also, it can be interesting for foreigners, and for Spanish people particularly, to know some facts about Macedonia and its culture.

Recipe of delicious chocolate cookies

Last time, Ameline and I wanted to try the following recipe of cookies because it looks yummy! We were wondering if it was possible to gather all the ingredients at a cheap price.

You will need, for approximately 30 cookies (depending on the size of the cookies you will make):

 220 grams of Dark chocolate (60 % of cacao)

 60 grams of butter

   100 grams of flour

½ teaspoon of baking powder

2 pinches of salt flower

2 big eggs

 160 grams of brown sugar ( we used white sugar and it worked)


150 grams of chocolate chips ( we cut little pieces of chocolate bars)


French tourist experience around Macedonia

In the video above the French tourists say that Macedonia is rich in culture and heritage. It also exits a nice diversity of wine and food. One of the women said that she wasn’t expecting such a mountainous country and snow-covered hills. She loves hidden Monasteries and intense blue lakes, the little churches, the very welcoming population. They all were surprised by the quality of the wine, mainly the Rosé and the white one.