TV shows… a great way to waste your life? Maybe, but also the most effective way to learn English (at least for me)!

I spent so many time watching episodes of TV shows, and I soon realised that this was a gold mine when it comes to English, and when I understood the potential of TV shows I decided to select carefully the series I would follow.




The huge advantage of a TV show in comparison to a movie, is that the story is long, with a lot of chapters and seasons, the characters are the same and you will get used to their voices little by little, until you understand them completely.


When you are used to watch movies, you might know an actor and get used to his/her voice, but he/she is just an actor, and he/she will play different roles and he/she will talk differently depending of the movie he/she is in.

This is an actor with his British accent,

This is the same actor, with his American accent, he doesn't talk much, but you get the difference.



In a TV show, actors play roles like in movies, and because they keep on playing their characters, it will be great for your English, because they won't change the way they speak.

At the beginning, it will be new to you, but if you keep concentrated on what the character says, you will see that he uses usually the same expressions, because he is building his character not only by his acting, but also by his talking.


To be remembered by the audience, it is not rare that an actor uses an expression over and over, or at least regularly in the show, and it becomes almost his trademark:



When in a movie the story has to go fast to reach its destination, and the characters have a role for a short period of time, the objective of the TV show is to be built in time, and if it is successful, to last many seasons.

Sure, some of your favourite characters will die and you will hate the writers for that (and you should sometimes), and on the other hand they will keep alive the most annoying ones (no I'm not thinking about Betty Draper in Mad Men), but TV shows will make a great English listener out of you!


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