The time has come to talk about movies, probably the most famous way for people to learn English.

It is true, movies are an amazing media when it comes to learning English, it is a very effective one, and there are so many movies that you can spend as much time as you want watching them.



                                                                II Movies


The only thing is that sometimes they are hard to understand. If you decide to watch an American movie in its original version, without any subtitles you might get lost, especially if your English isn't that good.


When you decide to watch a movie, one of the most important thing for me is to use the subtitles in the most effective way possible.

Subtitles are not a weakness, if I put them it will help me to get around the words, to verify that I read the words as I ear them.



For beginners, I advise to put subtitles in your mother language, because you will read logical sentences and ear English sounds. Anytime you find that a word you don't know in English is important, write it down, try to remember it (another article will focus on the remembering situation), and try to identify it when you will ear it again.

Making a list of new vocabulary is essential, the more you will watch movies the more you will identify the common expressions and key words of the language.

Sure, “wolf-pack” is not a very useful word, but this video gives you an example of what I mean.

Try to say “wolf-pack” in a conversation anyway, as natural as possible, the game could be funny!


When I put new vocabulary on my list, sometimes I feel I have already wrote the word before, but that is not a bad thing, if you write it various times, that will outline the word when you read your list, and therefore the most common words will be remembered more easily, or get an extra attention.





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