How do you improve your English ?

You take English lessons, you read books in English, you listen to English music, you watch movies in their original versions.





Maybe you do those things and you don't improve much. That's not because you are not intelligent, or because you are a bad learner, it's because you need a plan to use the medias in their most efficient way.


What's fascinating about the languages and the way you learn them, is that everybody will have a different way to memorise stuffs, and any of them is good, if in the end you become fluent in English.


The idea of this series of articles is to underline the differences between books, movies, series, phone apps, music and such to learn new vocabulary, have a better understanding about the way the language works and, the most important of all, understand and visualise the complementarity of those medias and have no problem switching from one to another to perfect your knowledge of the English language.



When they start watching movies so they can have a better English, the majority of people watch an American movie in its original version, and they face a story with dialogues going fast, an accent often hard to understand, the reading of the subtitles can be hard and in the end they might be disappointed with this method.

There is lots of ways to improve your English by watching movies, and you need to have in mind all the tools that a movie can provide you.

It is different if you watch a movie from an English speaking country in its original version than if you watch a movie from a non English speaking country in an English version, because the voices of the characters will not be the same, the accent will not be as strong as in an original version.

The same thing goes to whether or not you decide to put subtitles, and if you do, do you put subtitles in your native language or in English ? Again, the choice is important, the effort won't be the same and the results will differ.


When you start reading books, you have less choices, in the sense that there isn't hundred of ways to read a book, but what type of books will be the most effective to help you with your learning of the language ? If you don't know the meaning of a word, do you search for the definition in a dictionary, which seems to be the most obvious thing to do. But will you use a bilingual dictionary between English and your native language or will you use an English dictionary ?

Again, the choice is important and depending of your level of English, your technique to memorise the grammatical rules and the vocabulary, the right choice has to be taken.



Like mentioned before, the ways to learn English are multiples, you have in front of you a variety of tools that are ready to be used properly, efficiently and as often as you need.


So, in order to help you improve your English level, I'm writing down some tips of mine, maybe they will help you, maybe not, but I'm sure that you will learn something.


Each article will be focused on a different media, the advantages will be underlined, the risks explained, and some tips will be provided, so that you can decide if the media in question will be good for your learning or not, and if it is good, how you will use it to make it as efficient as possible.


Clément Almero


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