The two 17 year old girls are studying at the Economic School. They have learned English and German as foreign languages. Ivona wants to have an experience in America, while Ivana prefers to live in Italy or France. They both have been living in Prilep all their lives. When I asked them what was their favorite place they answered Mogila. I can notice that this park is very famous here. Almost everyone we interviewed reported it.


The night life is important here. The main place, Reklami is full of pubs or clubs. The girls like Tabou, Candy, Calypso…

They recommended us to visit Ohrid, their favorite city. They do not hesitate at all. Ohrid, is definitely the preferred place of Macedonians. Then, Ivana also mentioned Krusevo.

Both of them love the Macedonian dish: Skara which is grilled meat. It’s true, it’s delicious!

Good luck for your future Ivana and Ivona! I wish you all the best!


Bérénice Kermoal

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