Two weeks ago, as EVS volunteers, we started taking Macedonian classes. I was really excited and interested in learning Macedonian. There are two specific reasons for why I want to know Macedonian that much. First of all, I am quite keen on learning a new language. As, you can also have knowledge of the culture related that language while learning it. My second reason is that I live here in Macedonia now. I have got many friends and people I love here. I go shopping, I go to restaurants and cafes here and I would love to understand people, reply them back and be able to communicate with them in more effective way. I would love to greet people living in my building. That is why, I was really willing to learn before the classes had started.

We began the classes with Cyrillic alphabet. At first, it was hard for me to try to remember the sounds in this alphabet, because I wasn’t familiar with the letters and it was new for me. After memorizing them, we had to learn how to read the words writting with these Cyrillic letters. In continuing classes, we were taught how to greet people and introduce yourself. Now, our new subject is verb ‘to be’ in Macedonian and how to conjugate it in accordance with subject pronouns.

In conclusion, of course, every language has their own grammar rules and pronunciation. However, I would like to say that Macedonian language is a bit difficult for me to learn. Because, its grammar is very different from English. Besides, there are words that sound pretty unfamiliar to me. But, I am very determined. I enjoy learning Macedonian. Trying to memorize and read the sounds in the alphabet all the time is like doing puzzle. In every way, I will keep studying and I believe that I will manage the language.


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