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It’s just been 2 weeks since I have arrived in Macedonia, so I have just begun to discover the Macedonian culture. However, these few days were enough for me to learn most of the fundamentals aspects of the country.

The Macedonian is a Slavic language, mainly spoken in the Republic of Macedonia, but also recognized as a minority language in others Balkan countries, like in Albania or Serbia. The Macedonian is pretty close to the other Slavic languages of the Balkans, especially to the Bulgarian and Serbian.

The Macedonian language is truly great for one thing, every letters matches to one sound, which is opposite to French or English (hallelujah), even if those letters are not written in Latin alphabet (yes), but we will talk about that later.

The Macedonian can be quite easy to learn for a French, because most of the sounds are present in French, or at least are not too complicated to reproduce. But it gets complicated. Conversely to English which some of the French people consider it as a language that lacks consonants, here with the Macedonian they might be confused by the lack of vowels in some words, making the pronunciation quite difficult sometimes.

One of the best examples of this is the word “Прст” which means finger. Written in Latin alphabet, it is “Prst”. Come on! Try it by yourself; it is a really funny exercise (and to be honest you get used to it quickly).

Written by:

Paul Knecht-Deyber

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