The Saturday 06th of may 2017, Mogila stadium located into the city of Prilep have seen on its soccer field a Cultural Football Tournament during all the day. In fact, the volonteers from the Coalition of youth organizarions SEGA framed together, under the aegis of Baptist Arnaud, young french volonteer who has this idea to implement this cultural and athletic event.


The main purpose was to meet five football teams coming from different High Schools of Prilep. Each team composed of ten players were accompagnied for this special day of their sport teacher, came to train and support them on the field. The project’s goal was to promove the culture of few different countries through each team which represented one country from each continent, in the spirit of the Football World Cup.

In that way, Prilep was the theatre of a cheerful and multicultural competition where reigned some colours from some countries of the World as Nigeria, Senegal, Italy, Japan or Mexico. This kind of event would never happened without the volonteer’s investment who knew work together, supported by the Association SEGA in their ideas. It’s also notable to thank Gymnasia High School, Medical High School, Industrial High School, Chemical High School and Economic High School, the participation and the fair play of their students as well as their teacher’s interest.

Between two whistle blasts, all of the apprentice players as well as the volonteer’s team could have a break to lunch together within wonderfull landscape which offered Mogila’s park. Then, hardly time to digest that the tournament has to continute. Free kick, penalty, great athletic and humanes actions, some falls, a lot of sweat, a lot of efforts then it was already time to whistle the final coup. The sum of which we had a winner team : the Industrial High Schol with an admirable score.  

For this occasion, this is three profesional players from Pobeda Team of Prilep who were coming to award a Certificate for winners. Each team has received from their own hands a Certificate of Particpation and some students as the best striker, the best goalkeeper or the best player of the Tournament were rewarded by a special Certificate. A ball signed by these profesional players was offered to Senegal Team.


In other words, everyone, student as volonteer were came back from this field with a lot of fervor and joy, because it was a beautiful day where reigned un great team spirit into the respect of humans values without forgetting fun for everyone !


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